We are a 2nd generation family owned and operated company. Founded in 1982, by Vance and Donna Hohenthaner as a small production company.
Still a teenage, their son, David, picked up the camera and has not stopped filming.  In 2010, Vance and Donna retired and today our Artisan Partners are 

Maureen Taylor and David Hohenthaner.

Based in Tampa, Florida we have the ability to travel the extra mile!  As an award winning team of artists, our goal is to provide you a finished product beyond your expectations.  Our portfolio has a vast array of projects as we are always ready to try something new and exciting - toss your project our way and we'll embrace the concept.  We invite you to browse the video galleries now.


Graduate from the University of West Florida with a BA in Telecommunications and Film, Maureen is our managing partner with a knack for telling your story.  Her experience in broadcast news paired with her knowledge in non-verbal communication makes her stealthy at the event. A sister of Alpha Gamma Delta, she loves to travel, learn new cultures and bask in the Florida sunshine.  

Here is a BTS clip from a few years ago - we have all new cameras now but still give you an idea on what its like to work with us.




Business GALLERY

Commercial | Concept | Promotional

The ability to capture video is always at your fingertips with the age of smart phones, but what then?  Customers want to know more about your company, the web designers need video for better SEO ranking, and there just isn't enough hours in the day to do it all.  Here is where we can help you:
You are the producer and we can shoot, edit, color grade, and render your story. Our portfolio is vast from multiple day construction builds to product showcases.  It's your story seen through our lenses.

Wedding Films

Our business was built on reputation with client care always a priority.  With 35+ years in the wedding industry, we have the experience to know who/what/where/when/why your celebration is important.  Our skills allow us to work quietly and unobtrusively as the day unfolds, capturing the unforgettable moments and spontaneous events that happen on a wedding day. Each celebration is unique and demands its own stylized film.  In 2011, we started delivering The Wedding Trailer for our clients to showcase their day on social media with a Hollywood twist. Our Collections are customized to each celebration and include both a cinematic and documentary edit of the day.  
A few favorite quotes we've heard from past couple: 
"Our wedding is our daughters favorite video and she says that Mom's a princess and Dad's the prince but would like to know why she missed the party"
"It was the last time I got to dance with my mom and just to hear her voice is priceless"
Our studio books a limited number of weddings per year so that we can stay focused on quality.  Therefore we only share the investment with couples who have viewed our films and excited about having their day captured too!


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