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At VHVIDEO.COM, we're driven by the art of storytelling. Our passion lies in crafting the narrative that stirs emotions and preserve life's most cherished moments in vivid detail. Whether you aim to amplify your message with a compelling commercial video, extend your influence on social platforms, or immortalize life-changing events, we specialize in bring your story to life through captivating and vibrant imagery.





1. Artistic Approach: The seamless blending of cinematic techniques with personalized storytelling, using out artistic eye to bring out the beauty of each frame.

2. Diverse Portfolio: We are always looking to explore new and exciting projects.  Our Gallery's demonstrate our video versatility and a willingness to embrace unique concepts.

3. Production Team: We handle the production, but you are the Executive Producer. We strive to deliver a finished product that goes beyond what our clients envision.

4. Geographic Flexibility: Having the ability to travel globally for filming while maintaining a rooted presence in Tampa Bay, offering clients both a global reach and local accessibility.

Off to the Races: Tour de Turtles 2022



Sea Turtle Conservancy’s Tour de Turtles Marathon starts on
August 1, 2022.  Esther is along a group of 12 leatherback turtles raising awareness for causes such as light pollution on the beach.  

Bern's Winefest No.26



Bern’s Winefest is Central Florida’s premier food and wine tasting experience. It was created to allow the Bern's Steakhouse guests a decadent week of events with the area’s most talented culinary teams complemented by the best wines from around the world. Winefest is a philanthropic event supported through the Laxer Family Foundation. 

Tickets go on Sale February 2024 

New Mural @  Water Street Tampa



Find yourself in Sparkman's Wharf Tampa, walk two blocks north and look for this mural in person. We documented the 10-day process to create on the side of Cumberland Street Garage.

Artist: @LeonKeen


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